Thursday, July 13, 2006


Because neither Thom or John have instant net access, I thought I'd post on their behalf and say that Pariah, the violin, acoustic guitar grindfolk duo, have just put up two new tracks on their Myspace page which you can download along with the glorious "Stone The Crows." I saw them both tonight at The Foundry and they seem in good spirits about their work and their music. The new stuff is sounding incredible despite John "screwing up" (which no one noticed, apart from Ben, who's DJ set was aweinspiring) the energy and emotion that overpowers them when playing is just immense.

Anyway CLICK HERE, fools.


Tomorrow at 12 noon until 1pm, Pariah will be featured in a live session at The Foundry, which will also involve interviews and discussions of some description.
Check it out on resonance 104.4 FM, tune in and drop out..

If you miss the live show because you are still in bed after a long night of drinking meths , then you will be able to check out the recording at later...


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